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Alec Gillies

Gracie Barra Pasadena has been a huge part of my life for two and a half years now. When I had first came to Gracie Barra Pasadena I already had experience of four years in Brazilian Jujitsu. I have learned more from this school in these two and a half years, then I had in those previous four years of Jujitsu. Everyone there is so positive and so willing to make you the best that you can possibly be. Everyone always wants to make you better whether it is the owner and professor, Orlando Sanchez or just one of the coaches, they are going to push you and make you better. Another thing besides Jujitsu that Gracie Barra Pasadena teaches is respect. Respect is something that is becoming lost in today’s world, and GBP really gives you a true meaning of what respect means. It can be as simple as showing respect to your training area by bowing before you enter on the mat. GBP has quickly become my second family and I will always remember that. I will not only take away self defense lessons away from this, but valuable life lessons as well. Organized like a team, Fighting like a family!!!!

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